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We have provided here information primarily from non-commercial sources, which may be of interest.  If you have any sites to suggest, please let us know.


Builder magazine:
'Real Home Cost' by C. B. Farnsworth
"Paul Huddy of Tucson, AZ based Solar Institute says the initial costs - price plus financing over 30 years - are only one-third of the homeownership cost pie. (Sticker price is a mere sliver at 11 percent of ownership.)  The second third is operating costs (including utilities) and the last third, home maintenance and repair.  Thus, a sticker price of $160,000 equals 30-year ownership costs of $1,440,000!  But pony up $200,000 to buy a more energy-efficient house and operating and maintenance costs tumble by 75 percent.  That brings the 30-year cost down to $840,000 - a savings of $600,000."

- "Building Energy-Wise Homes with ICF's", by Anne Balough, ConcreteNetwork.com Feature Writer

Dallas Morning News:
- "Frisco Code Sets a New Standard for Efficiency: City is First to Make Builders Follow EPA Program"

Modern Materials magazine (Nov 2006):
- "Pushing the Energy Envelope With ICFs"

Net-Zero Energy Home:
- "Solar Harvest: The City of Boulder's First Net-Zero Energy Home"

Advanced HVAC:
- "HVAC: The Next Generation"

'Regenerative double-duct system', a radical new method of air conditioning in temperate climates using 100% outside air:
- "Renovation of Wausau West High School, Wisconsin"
- "Sky's the Limit", by Mark Lentz, Lentz Engineering Assoc.
- Amplification - "Hitting the Mark"

Permanent Buildings magazine:
- "Zero-Energy Concrete Home"
- "ICF's Help Save Building from Wildfire"

This Old House:
- "How to Build a Fireproof Home"

Why ICF is Superior to SIP:
- "The ICF Effect"

Green Building

- Built Green - Master Builders Assoc.

- Energy Value Housing Award - NAHB

- Energy Star Northwest

Green Building Products

- Green Building Program - City of Seattle

- Green Building Program - Environmental News Network

- + ICF Association

- LEED Certification - GBC

- National Renewable Energy Lab

- Oak Ridge National Lab Review - Best Practices

- PATH Technology Inventory

- Reusable Building Materials Exch. - King County

- Solar Institute

- Sweets Catalog

ICF Home Plans

- Concrete Homes Magazine

- Great House Design

- Home Design Services

- Portland Cement Association

- The House Designers

Green Lenders

Energy efficient homes cost homeowners less to operate on a monthly basis than standard homes because they use less energy.  Therefore buyers qualify at a higher debt to income ratio since they will be saving on their energy costs.  Plus there is an increase in the valuation of the home based on the amount of energy savings.

- GMAC Mortgage - Rebecca Douthit 916-294-9594

- IndyMac Bank

- MidCountry Bank - Andy Niemela 877.415.1020 x7022

- Timberland Bank - Gary Masterjohn

Other Useful Resources

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency - Comprehensive source of info on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives.

DoE's Consortium for Advanced Residential Building - Also check out their CARB-News.

DoE's Efficient Windows Collaberative - Why and how to select high performance, climate-tuning glazing.

Duct Systems - Info on duct systems, including leakage testing, sealing, duct insulation and other topics.

Historic Property Photos - How to Acquire

History of Washington - A Searchable Encyclopedia

Incentive Insulation Database - N. American Insulation Mfctrs Assoc's on-line searchable database for local information on incentive programs for making energy-efficient improvements.

Insulation - Zip Code Database - Calculate the insulation appropriate for your house, based on weather and cost information by zip code.

Integrated Building & Construction Solutions - Building America team leader, offering reports, presentations, and newsletters.

Magazine - Building Green - Covers energy efficiency in design and construction.

Magazine - Home Power Magazine - Excellent resource for alternative energy.

The latest environmental news automatically via RSS, from the Environmental News Network.

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