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We hope you enjoy this Photo Gallery of projects we can build for you.  The possibilities are limitless.

For some sources of plans, please see our Library.  Also any existing plans for {ahem, old-fashioned} construction technologies can be adapted to ICF with little bother.  We can help.

A custom home with turret, and stone facade being applied.  Radius walls of just about any size can be made.
Built with Amvic forms.

The interior of this home.  Note the deep walls at the window casement.  Windows can be set toward the outside or inside, depending on whether shade from the Sun is desired.

A photo of the walls of this home right after the concrete pour.

Nearly done.

A home of this design will not benefit so much from ICF's attributes, but then there is lower outlay for ICF.  For designs like this we recommend that 'insoylation' foam (soy-based foam, eco-friendly) be sprayed to fill in the rafters, completely sealing the home and to make the attic, conditioned space.
Built with Arxx forms.

A home in the French Provincial style.
Built with Amvic forms.

Partial stone veneer and bay windows (left).
Built with Arxx forms.

A magnificent estate, built to last for centuries, yet costing no more than if built with traditional framing.
Built with Reward forms.

An example of cultured brick and stone, applied to the ICF forms.
Built with Nudura cultured stone.

Another example of what can be done with cultured stone veneer on an ICF home.  The balusters and rails are cultured stone (concrete) as well, and with recent advances in technology, the stamping and staining of the concrete driveway gives the look of natural stone.

Commercial Buildings

Strip-center, Mediterranian style, in Wichita, KS
Built with Logix forms.

Estudio Apartments clubhouse.
Built with Arxx forms.

Riverside Condo Tower, Cincinatti, OH
  A 9 story condo tower featuring 18 residences and fitness center. 22,000 sqft
Built with Greenblock 8" forms.
A movie theater.
Built with Logix forms.

When Disaster Strikes

The Sundberg Family's ICF home withstood Hurricane Katrina's fury,
while the 20 foot tidal surge wiped away all other residents for 1/4 mile.

This ICF home withstood an F4 tornado which raked through Arkansas in January, 1999.  Winds up to 200mph caused relatively minor damage to the home, while all other homes in the path of the tornado were shattered beyond repair.
Impact-resistant:  A drunk driver traveling 50mph hit this ICF home in Cape Coral, FL.  If this were a stick-built home the car likely would have penetrated at least two rooms.  This house also stood up to the 150mph winds of Category 4 Hurricane Charley, with relatively minor damage.
When massive wildfires swept the foothills of southern California in October, 2003, conventional homes didn't stand a chance.  But this ICF home in Lakeside, which had cementitious stucco and 50 year cement-fiber roofing tiles, escaped without damage.

VIDEO:  To see a Department of Defense test of an ICF building
with 50 pounds of military TNT, 6 feet away.... click here.
Note: be ready for a large BANG!
But the wall was not breached.

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