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From the user's perspective, building with Insulated Concrete Forms is little different from conventional framing.  Construction time and costs are similar, and in fact an ICF building sometimes attracts spectators who are curious about this revolutionary and highly effective technology.

It is best if we are involved in the planning process, so we can work with your architect, engineer, or plans center to make the design ICF-friendly, meaning dimensions are an even devisor of ICF blocks, good second-floor deck types and best practices in line with the level of seismic safety you desire, and embedding of plumbing and electrical.

Of course the final design is up to you the user, but we suggest fully non-combustible construction, which means metal stud interior walls, concrete interfloor decks, cementitious (stucco, fiber-cement) or refractory (brick) siding around the outside, and cementitious or refractory shingles.

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Insulated Concrete Forms

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