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ICF Development - Dedication to Building Value

ICF Development is among Washington's premier ICF contracting firms.  Our team is dedicated to building value for all of our clients through creative solutions and skilled technicians in western Washington.  We serve users of, and investors in single-family, office, industrial, retail, healthcare, seniors' housing, multifamily residential and mixed-use projects in western Washington.

Our core business is Insulated Concrete Form walls (from basement up to eight stories), and we have partner contractors in associated trades, including excavation, construction of footings, slab, inter-story decking (composite, post-tensioned, Hambro), and rooftop patio, each tailored to meet your needs.  We also recommend framing the interior walls with metal studs, steel roof trusses/framing, and installing cementitious roof sheathing, for a fire-resistant structure.

Our sister company Quantum Scientific, specializes in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic panel systems, solar hot water systems, wind systems, and rainwater catchment for commode flush and landscape irrigation.

Known for our creativity, energy, and enthusiasm, ICF Development staffmembers are more than just names;  they are personal s¡gnatures, and an act to follow.  Today, the company that carries this name applies our legacy of ins¡ght, innovat¡on, and integr¡ty to advance our clients' business objectives.

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Insulated Concrete Forms

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