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Wouldn't it be nice to see where the energy leaks are in your home?  There is not much that can be said to improve on these infrared thermal images, which were taken within a minute of one another on neighboring houses in Canada.

You can get images of your own by searching for Infrared in the yellow pages, or asking at a camera store.  Hire someone to do it, or ideally rent a camera.


This is a conventional stick-built home which is 2x6 construction, fully-insulated, and photographed on a cold night.

Notice that more heat is escaping where the wood frame members are, than at insulation?  A 2x6 is typically only R-6 edgewise, so if one-quarter of your wall is wood you do not have a R-19 wall like the insulation says.  Fiberglass batting is a poor defense against air infiltration, as there are always gaps, too much compression, outlet holes, can-lights, etc.

Also notice what a difference a poor choice of windows makes, not to mention cladding?  See what happens when there is no insulation in the inter-floor decking? (as is always the case)

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An ICF home right next door.  Clearly there is much less heat leakage everywhere, resulting in significant energy savings.  Note that they are photographing heat here, not light.

We're happy to report that there is a new window which has three panes, one of which has a transparent metal coating.  In the Summer the metal coating is swung facing out, to reflect heat out, and in the Winter the metal pane is swung in, to reflect indoor heat back in.  It is being distributed by Eco-Logical Innovations.

Other quality windows are Andersen, Duxton, and WeatherShield.  For an objective evaluation, go to EfficientWindows.org.

Always choose EnergyStar windows, doors, appliances, etc.  Build with ICF and get your whole house certified as EnergyStar!  Think how this would help resale value.  Ask us how to get independently certified.

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