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Thank you for visiting ICF Development, a quality independent contracting firm in Seattle, Washington.  We work hard to excel for our clients, and give back to the development industry through high standards, reliability, and technical excellence.

Our Insulated Concrete Form homes and commercial buildings rate at the top of the scale for: energy efficiency, durability, comfort, and safety, and contribute significantly to important designations like Built Green, Energy Star, and LEED.  Heating and cooling systems can be downsized by 30%-50% for an ICF building, and savings continue every year with up to 52% lower heating and 48% lower air conditioning costs (Boston U. Study), for the life of the structure.

Environmentally responsible construction is essential in the shadow of global warming today, especially with the uncertainty of energy costs.  Energy efficient buildings, reforestation, and plug-in autos are the keys to reversing climate change.  You'll be walking the talk with an ICF green home or office.

Next Gen Home

ICF Development is proud to have worked on this year's Next Gen Home as consultant.  Each year a location is selected somewhere in the nation for a demonstration project which showcases the latest in building technologies, and for 2007 this is Seattle, Washington.  Various manufacturers donate project materials specified by the builder, and this provides a tangible example of the most advanced building technologies.  Amvic donated the Insulated Concrete Forms and Amdeck inter-floor decking for the project.

The 2007 Next Gen Home is well on its way to completion, and is a project of which its sponsors and general contractor can be very proud.  (videos here)

We Participated  

We hope we saw you on this year's National Solar Tour, conducted by the American Solar Energy Society.  The Tour is an annual event when homeowners and developers open their homes to the public to showcase renewable energy, new technologies, and sustainable practices.

ICF Development and our sister company Quantum Scientific work hand-in-glove to bring you the Zero Energy Home, as pioneered by the Passiv Haus Institut in Darmstadt, Germany.

Firm strengths:

::  Leading-edge technology includes four top-grade brands of ICF, laser levelling, trigonometric squaring, and other cutting-edge methods;

::  High quality technician training and education;

::  Equipped to facilitate projects on any scale;

::  Extensive network of professional support;

::  Advanced research and development programs;

::  Continuous communication with Clients during projects.

For more information, please contact us.

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Our environment:

The western Washington area is famous for its outdoor beauty, which makes environmentally responsible construction a necessity.  Our green building projects are the most durable structures, being solid concrete --a "box of rock"-- while looking just like any other structure.  We use the most advanced but proven construction methods today.

ICF houses are known to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions, and fire.  Your family and belongings deserve this kind of protection.  And the environment deserves this kind of construction.

World class quality.   World class character.
Insulated Concrete Forms

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